Superhirn (C64) – Released!

Before the release of “Evil Dungeon” I had some spare time to code a game that I played as a board game when I was a kid. Maybe you also remember this game aka “Mastermind” from Parker Brothers. Feel free to download as D64 image and have some fun with it.

How to play?

You have 10 rounds to guess a code of four colors.

After you put in your guess confirm with <RETURN> button which will give you a result:

White circle(s): one or more right colors on the right positions.
Black circle(s): one or more right colors, but on wrong positions.
No circle(s): wrong colors

The order of the circles in the evaluation row does not refer to the position of the pins in the code row but is always from left to right!

Can you hack the code?

Welcome to RetroArts!

My name is Gregor Schillinger, born in 1980 and since the age of nine I’m an owner of a C64.

In summer 2022 I had the idea for creating a game for my lovely “Breadbin”. The project made me a lot of fun through the last months. Therefore I decided to continue develop for the C64 and I already have some more follow-up ideas. For this reason I decided to put this all together and publish under the name “RetroArts”.

My first game “Evil Dungeon” will be released early 2023.

I hope people have fun with my games and I’m looking forward to get some feedback from you!


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