EVIL DUNGEON (C64) – Collectors Edition Released!

Hey retrofans out there. The wait time is over!

EVIL DUNGEON is released as a beautiful physical collectors edition!

If you are interested in getting a physical copy of this very limited, made-to-order game, please contact me via e-mail at kontakt .a.t. retroarts.de or social media.

Note: This is not a commercial product! It’s a non profit hobby project!

I have a handfull of them and will send these selected, physical editions out for plain material and processing costs of 15€ plus shipping. Please contact me directly to check transaction and shipping costs for your destination.

What do you get?

Coverart Source/Licence by warmtail (stock.adobe.com)
  • “EVIL DUNGEON” game (C64/128) on a 5,25″ floppy disk (color may vary!)
  • Game is available in English or German language!
  • Jewel Case (153x215x10mm)
  • High quality color printed manual (English or German) with cover art
  • Good karma for supporting a retro game dev 🙂

The free digital version will also be available as download on Friday February 24th!

Please check back again later!


About the game:

EVIL DUNGEON is a BASIC programmed RPG-based Fantasyadventure for the C64.

The story of Alrik, a young adventurer who has to master his first quest. Fight against monsters, search for treasures and plan your next steps to escape the EVIL DUNGEON labyrinth.

Control: Keyboard
Players: 1
Language: English or German
Playtime: aprox. 60-90 minutes
Tactics: ****
Luck: ***
Skill: **
Age: 8 and above

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