EVIL DUNGEON (WiC64-Version) released!

As of today you can also find my adventure game “Evil Dungeon” (English version) free to play in the WiC64 portal!

You find it in the “Online Games\Highscore Games II” section.

What’s different in the WiC64 version?

  • The game loads very fast!
    Game data will partially loaded from my webserver and benefits from the technology of the WiC64 device. It’s a great experience!
  • Online Highscore!
    If you master the dungeon, your experience points will be stored 1:1 as score in the online highscore list. There is a own highscore list for Evil Dungeon and it also counts against the “All games” highscore.
  • The gameplay and main content remains the same as in the offline version 1.1 – no changes here!

What is a WiC64?

The Wireless interface for
C64 – SX64 – C128 – VIC20

The device offers a variety of features: Online portal, chat, demos, games, apps, online multiplayer games, SID-Radio and much more…

More info: WiC64 – The Commodore 64 Wireless Interface

If you don’t have a WiC64, you can order the hardware from the link above or you can use the Kernal64 emulator which includes a virtualized WiC64 device. It’s free!

You don’t like the idea of going online with your C64?

Don’t mess around! Get a physical collectors edition, put the 5,25″ floppy in your 1541/1571 and enjoy it the classical way! 🙂

Ping me: kontakt a.t. retroarts.de

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