What or Who is RetroArts?

Hey people!
My name is Gregor, born 1980, living in Germany and since 2022 I’m developing games for our beloved Commodore 64.

Is RetroArts a company or a trademark?

RetroArts is just an overall name for my C64 projects and business. I’m acting as a sole proprietor.

Why coding games for a machine that is older than 40 years?

Grewing up with this machine and still having fun with it is something I’m sharing with a whole commnuity out there. Still seeing a lasting demand on content for games I decided to make my own one.

Why coding in BASIC V2 and not Assembler?

To be honest – I never learned Assembler nor am I a professional developer. But I think with a little creativity and the right concepts it’s possible to create fun games in BASIC too. And finally, I like BASIC, because it’s simple and READY_ to go!

Is there more to come?

Yes, as long as my spare time allows I’m trying to make new games. But please be patient and there will be no fixed dates preannounced.

How can I support RetroArts Projects?

You can do a lot:

  • Follow me on Facebook/Instagram and share my postings (use links right)
  • Donate a few Bits or Bytes when downloading my games on itch.io
  • Purchase the physical editions of my game projects like EVIL DUNGEON
  • Send me feedback, questions, ideas, …
  • Join communities like N3rdroom (german) on Discord
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