EVIL DUNGEON (C64) Version 1.1 released!

What? A new version of EVIL DUNGEON?

Let me explain. I really like my game and there are no plans to release further versions in the future!

But there were some little things I like to see fixed/changed, for a better overall experience. Some of that is direct feedback from you! Thanks!

What about the physical copies on floppy?

There is no absolute need to use version 1.1!
If you like the game as it is, stay with it.
If you want to upgrade your version to 1.1 just download it, delete the MAIN.PRG file from the original floppy and replace it with the MAIN.PRG file from new .D64 image. If you have Ultimate or similar devices you can also mount the new image and copy the image as a whole to the floppy. You are done!

Update: All new physical shippings will include the V1.1 already!

Changelog (Version 1.1 EN/DE):

  • Changed menu: Added toggle button <F1> (YES/NO) to switch introduction on/off
  • Changed menu: Added toggle button <F2> (YES/NO) to enable/disable door sounds (for faster experience)
  • You have to hit <RETURN> in menu to start the game now!
  • Clock improvement: less and more effective code, more precise time calculation for playtime. Please don’t care about highscore times, they are not evaluated for ranking, it’s just an info.
  • Little adjustment in balancing regarding fire vials and healing potions. Prevents the game to become too easy in some cases.
  • Typo: “wodden” -> “wooden” in english version
  • Fixed translation error: ‘C’ for (c)heck in intro reacted only to ‘N’ like in german version.

Downloads have been replaced with V1.1 now!

And yes, you can still get one of the physical copies if you like. Just ping me: kontakt at retroarts.de

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